I’m glad you’re here. I’m Emily - a writer, photographer, and observer, among other things. 

This newsletter contains short essays about experiences and concepts I’m inspired by and/or actively exploring. The theme is culture - what is it, how do we shape it, how are we shaped by it, and what role does it play in our world(s)? 

This is a merging of my education in Global Studies and Depth Psychology, and my work experience in small business finance. So in this newsletter there is an emphasis on the culture of business in the U.S. and the role it plays in our communities, environments, and economies. But there’s also moments of stepping back for a broader perspective on culture. I’m interested in exploring culture at the individual, community, and collective levels, so we may see the interconnectedness of our worlds.

If these topics are of interest to you, I hope you’ll stick around.

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